by Limp Wizurdz

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recorded at wasted space in august 2014. thanks to the guys at wasted space, braden crumley, jake kiener, randolph, garland moore, all of our friends and families for always being awesome, industrial skatepark, and last but not least: nightmare for having arms like casey.


released December 4, 2014

Rodrigo Serrano - Drums
Frankie Kump - Bass
Jeffery Simmons - Guitar
Taylor Young - Guitar/Vocals

Tallon Dennis, Johnathan Garrett, Gian Archiniaco, James Rodriguez - recording/production/etc etc

Braden Crumley - Album design




all rights reserved


Limp Wizurdz Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

music for ya brain from Oklahoma City, est. 2012ish

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Track Name: Ronald
and when it's said and done
you look so fucking dumb
yeah, we won't be friends
what was your name again?

nice to know you not

you have no self respect
go shave half your head
to you, i'm just a dick
but you're just a fucking bitch
you're cold as fuck
and fake as fuck
well i'm based as fuck
so go get fucked
you're just a piece of shit with no ambition
limp goddamn wizurdz, get in the kitchen
Track Name: Fast Food Drone
This place is a bore
I don't wanna mop your floors
I wanna go home
I'm a fast food drone

I'm a fast food drone
And I wanna go home

I don't think
I don't sleep
I don't breathe
May I take your order please?
Track Name: Asian Girls Everywhere
What's up?

Let's ride to the store
Pick up some asian girls
Buy them lots of shit
Maybe they'll suck our dicks
Take off all my clothes
I want them to take off all my clothes
They surrounded me
I looked fucking scared
I looked around me there were Asian girls everywhere
I tried to run
I couldn't hide
I looked around me, there were Asian girls Everywhere

Riding back, from the store
30,000 Asian Girls
Hauling ass on my Haro
I can't believe it's not butter
Track Name: Cankicker
I'm kinda sad
I'm happy but I'm kind of mad
I guess I'm like my mom
Don't really wanna be my dad
Cause he amounts to nothing
Never was a something
Had no ambition
I still won't listen

Couple hundred miles away again
I'm writing letters that I'll never send
Where you are is far from where you've been
I'm writing letters that I'll never send

Only child
haven't bothered so it's been a while
and you'll distort it all
make me feel like it's my fault
Yeah, I'm a fucking dropout
Is that the reason we don't talk?
I'd rather walk alone, than crawl
and I don't really need your shit at all

And you'll never see
All that I've grown up to be
And man it's fucking great
Let Jesus take your life away
Track Name: 30,000 Cigarettes
Marlboro Reds
Don't give a fuck
Limp Wizurdz
We fucking suck
We're throwing disc golf
We're making Ace
Hole in one
Fuck your face

30,000 Cigarettes

Phat Minotaur
Broken ashtrays
Frankie Kump, he's the homie, fuck him anyways
Limp Wizurdz bitch
Taking over shit
Fucking deal with it
It's some king shit

shout out to TI and Young Dro shoulder lean 2006
Track Name: Numbers
You are the carpet that covers me
I feel awake when I'm asleep
I'm just waiting and wallowing
On words I'm swallowing
Numbers can't fix me

You're dissidence in the wind
you're not beneath me
and i never said we'd be alone here
never said there'd be a soul here

numbers can't fix me
Track Name: 18
it never leaves my head
and i know, the clock moves slow
you left 18 footsteps
Track Name: CHUG
Achievement means nothing
Just breathing means something
Still stagnant, we're stagnant
i'm porous, bad habits
no chorus, don't need it
or maybe i just can't hear it
incoherent as fuck
no coherence

Just chug me down

I wouldn't talk to me
I wouldn't talk to me anyways
Can't stand the thought of me
Nothing fucking rhymes with me fuck

Just chug me down
Track Name: Wasting Time
pressures always on
repetition is wearing me down
i'll do what you want and i'll just fuck around town
and it's wearing me down
and i'm wasting my time
waiting on words that'll never leave your mouth

i'm wasting my time

drug abuse
use of use
i feel misused
i shouldn't miss you
i feel so trapped
i feel so stuck
and you're always so trashed
and we're always so fucked
maybe not all fucked
Track Name: Quarterback
makes me go to sleep
Track Name: SALMON
don't wanna fuck myself
just wanna drug myself
never always am alone from where i see myself
gotta medicate
anti mediate
shitty music old excuses
Jeff let me hit the illadelph

on a path to nowhere
aren't we all already there
doesn't matter it seems
dead salmon swimming up stream

like dto said
what does it take to make myself a man
Track Name: We Here Are Suffering